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دانلود هندبوک جوش - مواد مصرفی جوشکاری دستی و اتوماتیک - وبلاگ مهندسی مکانیک
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دانلود هندبوک جوش - مواد مصرفی جوشکاری دستی و اتوماتیک

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دانلود هندبوک جوش - مواد مصرفی جوشکاری دستی و اتوماتیک

Welding Handbook: Consumables for manual and automatic welding
Eighth edition
ESAB | 2005 | ISBN: 2371224582 7322371224582 | 530 pages | PDF | 6 MB


This is the reference for engineers, structural designers, technologists, inspectors, welders, welding educators and others.


Consumables for mild steels
Consumables for low-alloyed steels
Consumables for stainless and high-alloyed steels
Consumables for aluminium alloys
Consumables for nickel-based alloys
Consumables for copper-based alloys
Consumables for cast iron
Consumables for dissimilar materials
Consumables for hardfacing
Special products
Packaging and spool types
Storage and handling
Quick guide for the selection of welding consumables
1 MMA electrodes for mild and low-alloyed steels
2 Solid wires
3 Fluxes and submerged arc wires
4 Cored wires
5 Submerged arc cored wires and fluxes
6 Wires for stainless steels
7 Fluxes and submerged arc wires for stainless steels
8 Comparison table for stainless steels and MMA electrodes
9 MIG and TIG wires for aluminium
General information and tables
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